Hi, folks. Steve Murphy here. I’m a survivalist leader here in Nebraska. I’ve done pretty well for myself getting a rural retreat and starting my own survival operation, so I started this site to get everyone else going.

A little about me: I was an Eagle Scout, and a Troop Leader. I did volunteer firefighting for 10 years. I’m the Neighborhood Watch here in Bryson. I know survival skills.

So, the site has just a few posts. I’m getting started with thinking about what to include. There’s a lot to cover, so I’m thinking on the fly. Ask, and I’ll write up about whatever subject you want. Rations, preservation, survival medicine tips. You name it.

Don't worry if your neighbors think you’re crazy. They’ll be unprepared, and that’s their fault. They’ll come crawling back once they realize how wise you were. And you can help them out. The strong must lead!